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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules Icon_minitimeWed Jul 08, 2009 1:36 pm

This is the forum where you release your remodeling ROMs. There are rules to this forum.

Hack Releases

1] Do not post any ROMs. Period. Instead, post IPS, UPS, or whatever patch to apply from the original rom.

2] Absolutely NOT to redistribute other people's ROM releases in your own uploaders without permission from the original author. You may put it in your private uploader like MediaFire, but DO NOT post them in the open.

3] If you find a good hack release from someone else, please don't post here.

4] Screenshots or Videos is a MUST when releasing a hack. WE NEED PROOF. Only 1 video should be posted and up to 10 screenshots.

5] Warn players ahead of time if mature content is present! You should have a fair grasp on what is mature and what is not.

6] Remodeling hack releases must be playable and also not way too difficult either.

7] The Remodeling hack you post must not contain any fake information. The images must be screenshots taken in an emulator of your choice, and should not be edited in any form. Please give credit to any items in your hack where it is due, be it sprites, tile sets or scripts. You are bound to the agreements made by the original poster – for instance, if you cannot give your sprite to others, don’t. If your hack is based off another hack’s code base and the original poster has asked you not to give the code base to others, don’t.

8] DO NOT create IPS Patches from existing remodeling games. This is happened to Rockman Peercast Endless and confuses users. You must warned either the IPS is applied to which ROM/ROM-Hack or not.

Hack Release Replies

1] You cannot make a generic comment in a thread. e.g. I love this hack.

2] Before posting, you must refer to information shown in the first post of, or subsequent replies in the thread. You must also refer to information stuck at the top of the forum’s thread lists.

3] Ask threads relevant to the hack, if you have questions for the hack author which don’t really contribute to the thread, such as “Also I need help with a script can you help me out?” it is requested that you send a private message to the hack author.

4] Do not ask for when the next release is.

5] Do not comment offensively when criticising a hack.

These are rules to this forum. If you follow them, you're OK. Failure of these rules repeatably will give warnings or a ban.

For further information

If you have any questions about the rules set above, or you need assistance in setting up your thread, feel free to send a PM to the moderators or correspondents of this forum.
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Forum Rules
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