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 Rockman Games with Kirby Related

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Konchuu Kettou

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PostSubject: Rockman Games with Kirby Related   Tue Aug 18, 2009 11:36 am

By the 2ch Forums

Blast Hornet / Rockman EXILE.
BGM of the Woodman stage

Puresabe / Rockman 4MIBGM of Cain + spark boss selection

Tar/ Rockman2MIN and Rockman5WDS Kirby Graphics and BGM.

DHI/ Graphic and BGM of Kirby are busy with ..crash man stage of Rockman EXHAUST Rockman UnPrecended EXHAUST.. each place besides

MISTY/ RockmanDEM devil laser MINDROAR Menu BGM of DEM selects it, and arms of quick man of the cave operation rest room devil laser of the super-deluxe select and boss selection BGM of final cutter MINDROAR of Kirby selects the character of eastern little tuna bra DX.

IKA/ RockmanNC The air man stage is a map chip of the grape garden of the story of a dream fountain.

Yosaku/ Rockman STH, Pharoah Man's Stage.

These are the games that were related so far. By the way, Insectduel is unable to log in due to a massive heat wave and sometimes cuts his desktop computer off.
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Rockman Games with Kirby Related
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