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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules Icon_minitimeTue Jul 14, 2009 2:18 pm

This is the agressive forum I ever moderated. There are rules to this forum.

1] This forum must be read and post in English. If you chose to post in another language, your post is deleted.

2] NO hack requests, please. Look for it at Datacrystal dot org or Rockman Perfect Memories.

3] Don't bump into threads

4] Don't ask the same questons over and over again.

5] This is important to newbies

- Any thread that can easily be answered by reading the program-related readme* will be trashed immediately.

This is to encourage real topics and not utter trash, and also encourage you to really read the help file, as it is quite extensive and very informative if you want to listen.

However, if you see a thread like this, do not go "you idiot it's in the help file"; contact me or Insectduel to close it instead. I don't want this to delve into pointless flaming either.

* If the question involves a ASM program this would be invoked if the answer was in a bunch of sites.

6] Hack releases goes in the Remodeling ROM Releases forum. Any Rockman/Mega Man hack that isn't yours can be discussed here.

7] DO NOT Create an IPS Patch that requires an existing hacked rom. This confuses users with their Rockman Peercast Endless patched with their original peercast game. A warning MUST be told.

8] DO NOT release random IPS Rockman/Megaman ASM patches with no source code provided in public. This easily attracts ROM-Hackers to put their codes mistakenly in their own or redistribution and Japanese people often posted it in their BBS forums. If you want to show it to them, send PM's to it. But seriously, do not waste any IPS ASM patches to the public.

9] This is important to newbies

- If it's a question involving Mega Man level editors and you cannot find or anything covered in the editor (like AI editing, weapons mod, etc.), then I suggest you to get yourself a hex editor.

10] If you're using one of their ASM codes in your Mega/Rockman hack. You must credit the original person that used it.

Let's make this the best forum ever be.
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Forum Rules
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